Domestic Terrorism And Computer hacking

If you have a home computer and use the Internet you're going to have people trying to hack into you computer. This is a growing problem and one that most people don't think about at all.

Do you do your backing over the Internet?

Do you keep the pin numbers for your ATM or credit cards on your computer?

Do you work for a company that allows you to login to their computer network so you can work from home?

Do you have a cable or dsl line for your internet contain?

If the answer to any of the above is yes your in the top 10% of people that computer hackers are looking for

At one time computer hackers where mostly kids collage students, high school students, and some grammar school students. Today we have professional computer programmers, Foreign governments, and terrorists. All trying to get information from every day people.

Consider this if I access your computer and find the pin number for your credit card or the login name and password for you bank account I can take your money! They call it Identity theft . Well consider a terrorists steeling your Identity and using your money to fund attacks on the U.S. or U.S. troops. Can it happen? YES. Have you heard of it happening? NO Is it happening yes.

I had a conversion with an F.B.I agent about Identity theft. One statement he made was that he never takes a close look at his credit card statement. Just quickly looks and then makes out a check. If someone is taking $100.00 or less from your account you will probably never notice it. So if I work hard and I get access to 1000 home computers at $100.00 a month I have a monthly income of $100,000.00

Most people have heard about computer viruses but most have not heard about Trojan horses. A Trojan horses is a computer program that once installed on your computer opens a door for the person that put it on your computer. It also lets them know when you're on line. And if you have a webcam and a microphone they can see and hear every thing your doing. I bet some of you are thinking I have antivirus software on my computer so I'm safe. No your not most Trojan horses have the ability to detect and hide from antivirus software. The only way to be safe is to keep it from getting on you computer in the first place.

A good firewall program will keep most computer hackers out of your system and keep you and your information safe. But just installing the software and forgetting about it is not enough. You need to update the software and learn how to use it. How to get the information on the attack and then what to do with it. Most of us are just happy to have stopped the attack we may look to see where it was coming from but let it go at that. The F.B.I has a site for people to report computer hacking but it's hard to use and they get thousands of reports a day. They have a vary limited budget and staff to deal with this problem.

A year ago I may have had 3 or 4 attacks on my home computer. In the past 3 mounts I've had 1 or more attacks on my computer every day. It's going to keep increasing until People in law enforcement and government start to take this problem seriously. One of the attacks on my computer was from a user with the same Internet Service Provider (ISP) That I use. I sent in a complaint and resaved notes that the user had been wound. If someone had been trying to brake into my house and I called the police this person would have been arrested. I see this as the same thing trying to brake into my computer is just as serious as someone trying to brake into my house. But the Police and my ISP see it as just a nuisance. Some ISP's will stop service to a user trying to hack into someone's computer some will not.

Suggesting that homeland security, The C.I.A, The F.B.I, State police or Local police try to investigate hundreds of thousands of reports of computer hacking is not the answer. Insisting that the Internet Service Provider take responsibility for the actions of the people using their service is. A computer hacker that can't get on the net is no longer a computer hacker.

I'd like to see everyone Wright there state senator demanding that Internet Service Providers take responsibility for there customers using the service they provide for criminal activates. And report computer hacking to the ISP at the point of origin.